Please find below a list of publications of Uwe Sterr, CEO of ST3C GmbH

Laser Communication in Space

Uwe Sterr, Daniel Dallmann, Frank Heine, Daniel Tröndle, Rolf Meyer, Michael Lutzer, Edoardo Benzi
“Planning constraints of low grazing altitude GEO-LEO laser links based on in-orbit data”
Opt. Eng. 55(11), 111608 (2016),

Lothar Friederichs, Uwe Sterr, Daniel Dallmann
“Vibration Influence on Hit Probability During Beaconless Spatial Acquisition“
2016 IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology (Volume: 34, Issue: 10)

Uwe Sterr, Lothar Friederichs, Wolfgang Diebold, Daniel Dallmann, Martin Reinhardt
“Modelling and Analysis of Flight Dynamics Influences on the Spatial Acquisition and Tracking Performance of the TESAT Laser Communication Terminal”
2015 International Conference on Space Optical Systems

Daniel Dallmann, Martin Reinhardt, Mark Gregory, Frank Heine, Uwe Sterr, Rolf Meyer
“GEO-LEO Beaconless Spatial Acquisition Reality in Space”
2015 International Conference on Space Optical Systems

Dr. Frank Heine, Dr. Patricia Martin-Pimentel, Hartmut Kaempfner, Gerd Muehlnikel, Dr. Daniel Troendle, Dr. Herwig Zech, Christoph Rochow, Daniel Dallmann, Martin Reinhardt, Dr. Mark Gregory, Michael Lutzer, Dr. Sabine Philipp-May, Rolf Meyer, Edoardo Benzi, Philippe Sivac, Mike Krassenburg, Ian Shurmer, Uwe Sterr
“Alphasat and Sentinel 1A, the first 100 links”
2015 International Conference on Space Optical Systems

Daniel C. Troendle, Christoph Rochow, Patricia Martin-Pimentel, Herwig Zech, Frank F. Heine, Hartmut Kaempfner, Matthias Motzigemba, Uwe Sterr, Rolf Meyer, Michael Lutzer
“Optical LEO-GEO Data Relays: From Demonstrator to Commercial Application”
2014 32nd AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference

Schlepp, B. , Kahle, R. , Saleppico, J. , Kuhlmann, S. Sterr, U.
“Laser Communication with Alphasat - FD Challenges and First Flight Results”
2014 24th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics (ISSFD)

Patricia Martin-Pimentel, Christoph Rochow, Mark Gregory, Frank Heine, Hartmut Kaempfner, Daniel Troendle1, Uwe Sterr, Sven Kuhlmann, Ralph Ballweg, Michael Lutzer, Sabine Philipp-May, Bjoern Guetlich, Rolf Meyer
“Laser Com in space, the operational concept”
2014 AIAA SpaceOps Conference

Seel, S. Troendle, D. ; Heine, F. ; Zech, H. ; Motzigemba, M. ; Sterr, U.
“Alphasat laser terminal commissioning status aiming to demonstrate Geo-Relay for Sentinel SAR and optical sensor data”
Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2014 IEEE International”

Frank Heine, Mark Gregory, Hartmut Kaempfner, Uwe Sterr, Rolf Meyer, Herwig Zech, Daniel Troendle
“Verification of Optical Inter-Satellite Links and the European Data Relay System”
2011 AIAA SPACE Conference & Exposition

Seel, S. Kämpfner, H. ; Heine, F. ; Dallmann, D. ; Mühlnikel, G. ; Gregory, M. ; Reinhardt, M. ; Sterr, U. ; Wandernoth, B. ; Meyer, R.; Czichy, R. ; et al
“Space to Ground bidirectional optical communication link at 5.6 Gbps and EDRS connectivity outlook”
Aerospace Conference, 2011 IEEE

U. Sterr, M. Gregory, F. Heine
“Beaconless acquisition for ISL and SGL, summary of 3 years operation in space and on ground”
Proceedings ICSOS 2011.

B. Smutny, R. Fields, Gerd Mühlnikel, R. Meyer, B. Wandernoth, U. Sterr, et al
“NFIRE and TerraSAR-X laser communication tests: ground- breaking results for inter-satellite and space-to-ground links”
27th IET and AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC), 2009, pp. 611.

R. Fields, R. Wong, J. Jordan, Gerd Mühlnikel, R. Meyer, U. Sterr, et al
“NFIRE-to-TerraSAR-X Laser Communication Results: Satellite Pointing, Disturbances, and Other Attributes Consistent With Successful Performance”
Proc. SPIE 7330, Communications, 2009.

Smutny, Berry; Sterr, Uwe et al
“In-orbit verification of optical inter-satellite communication links based on homodyne BPSK”
Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XX. Edited by Mecherle, Steve. Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 6877, pp. 687702-687702-6 (2008).

Requirements Management

Dr. Uwe Sterr, Frank Stöckel
“Kontrollierte Verbesserung von Prozessmetriken zur Erreichung von Unternehmenszielen gemäß CMMI Standard”
Hood Group, March 2003

Dr. Uwe Sterr, Frank Stöckel
“Anforderungen an Anforderungen”
Hood Group, March 2003

Dr. Uwe Sterr, Frank Stöckel
“Umsetzung von Qualitätskriterien an Anforderungen”
Hood Group, March 2003

Dr. Uwe Sterr, Frank Stöckel
Verifikation von Qualitätskriterien an Anforderungen
Hood Group, March 2003


“Variable beamwidth corner reflector antenna”
Electronics Letters, 1998, vol 34, No. 11, May 1998, pp.1050-1051.

“Optimum shape of small reflector antennas”
QMW Antenna Symposium, April 1998.

“Radiation from Gridded Corner Reflector Antennas using FD-TD”
Proc. IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium, Montreal Canada, 13-18 July, 1997, pp. 1642-1645.

“Study of Corner reflector antenna using FDTD”
Int. Conf. on Antennas and Propagation, 14-17 April 1997, IEE Conf. Pub. No.436, April 1997.

“Radiation characteristics of corner reflector antenna”
QMW Antenna Symposium,April 1996.